“Why do we laugh when tickled by others but not when we tickle ourselves?”
There’s no better feeling than when we experience a lift of our spirit. When captured, that exquisite moment can transcend our external environment.
To make people smile inside is the driving force behind the creatures I create. I embark on a journey to capture the essence of an animal, deliberately leaving detail to be filled-in by the viewer. Rather than create anatomical studies of my subjects, I observe behaviour, stance and character. Character is the essence of an individual. Whether mouse or elephant, character prevails. I hope these pages give you reason to look and look again at what is all around you, and bring you a smile inside.
As an observer of everything around me, with a sense of spatial awareness inherited from my father, I began to create my personal revelation, a joy and a channel to express my emotions through sculptural forms.
A new world had opened up before me and within two years I was putting my work into bronze. Now, I feel that I am still at the foot of the stairs, always wanting to see more, learn more, and share my inspiration and spontaneity with others.
Sculpture has given me a feeling of purpose, something that can be enjoyed by so many who will see and feel something for themselves. So, I will continue my quest, to take commissions and to tickle the insides of my audiences.





Mouse on a ball




Bronze ballerina mouse

Bronze Running Hare

Bronze Boxing Hares

Miss Daisy hare sculpture

Mouse sculpture relaxing on lawn

Cat sculpture

Offering Mouse

Hound bronze sculpture

Bronze fawn