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    Fluid Narration

    "Imagine having a painting on your coffee shop wall using your own blend of coffee."

    Renowned UK sculptor and painter, Stephen Charlton continues to push the boundaries of experience and perception with his recent oeuvre – coffee artwork. Coffee painting has a complete dynamic of its own, incredibly free yet clearly distinguishable, always in balance though continually expanding. Each coffee art painting is unique and available to view online for UK-wide shipping.
    Using coffee colour paint as his chosen medium, Stephen has taken this vessel liquid and laid it bare across large aluminium plates with dramatic effect and impact. With layers purposefully created to build depth and texture, enhancing the detailed underpainting, developing each coffee painting with its own voice.


    Coffee Artwork

    His ‘fluid narrative’ demonstrates his mastery of the language of coffee. As within language, there are structures and conventions, building words into sentences and paragraphs, resulting in stories to be cherished and shared.
    Whilst listening to background jazz in his studio he composes each coffee artwork by painting his own stories within each piece, allowing a voice to shout in the depths of colour or whisper with the lighter tonal values enhanced by the reflective plate beneath.
    As a process, there is an endless field of experimentation and expression, creating dynamic and poetic shapes that emerge and evolve in each piece of coffee wall art.


    Experimental & Expressive Coffee Painting

    With the use of various binders within the liquid, he can control the flow and behaviour of the coffee whatever the viscosity. Applying different intensities of coffee, he is able to allow the reflective surface of the metal plate to shine through and delight the eye and the heart at the same time. The incredible tonal values that can be achieved with coffee are infinite ranging from a rich, burnt umber to a lively yellow ochre, making each piece of coffee wall art unique, interesting, and exciting.
    Stephen’s subject matter is based on his drive to experiment and unleash the qualities of the materials he is working with. With the ability to paint with any coffee blend, he is commissioned by coffee roasters to develop their own coffee DNA on a metal plate coffee art painting to adorn their walls.
    Simply put, in the art of conversation, Stephen has truly mastered the language of coffee. View the range of coffee paintings in the online gallery. Each bespoke piece of coffee wall art is available for UK-wide shipping. If you have any questions about Stephen Charlton’s coffee artwork, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    See the Fluid Narration coffee colour paint brochure here.

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