Hanging Mouse


Why mice? I hear you ask.

It all started in my garage while experimenting with a ball of clay and after only half an hour I created a mouse playing on a ball. Inspiration came from within as I often see animals as characters. With this now cast in my mind, I began to play with clay and created a series of mice performing on a ball. Later, I proceeded to create my first Mouse on a Ball in 2010 and cast it into bronze. It was my first step into this amazing world of bronze animals and decided to restrict the casting edition to only nine pieces to ensure customers treasured something that was truly unique to them.

I have just sold my fifth mouse to a delighted client and who has placed it pride of place within their garden space. It gives me great satisfaction to know that my work is spread across the world, enjoyed by so many. My purpose has always been to create a 'smile inside' for those who experience my work, it comes from the playful side of me and fuels my passion to delight the heart.

Texture plays an important part of my work and without overworking my character pieces, I enjoy rough textures that help to accentuate the form sitting well against a garden landscape – becoming part of it rather than something in it.  

Showcasing my work allows others to 

Mouse on a ball
Mouse Reverse.jpg
Hanging Mouse
Skater in Snow.jpg