Set in 300 acres of stunning Hertfordshire countryside, The Grove is the ultimate five star hotel and retreat. As the former home of the Earls of Clarendon it's situated just outside London and is home to an award winning spa, championship golf course and mouth-watering restaurants.

As part of an annual sculpture show throughout the grounds, I was invited to show my bronzes for guests and visitors to experience and purchase.

The location of each sculpture is critical to show every piece at its best and having diverse areas, we were able to place the three sculptures with great success.

Installation believe it or not, is one of my favourite aspects of creating my work and in this location, we were certainly challenged when it came to installing the skating mouse into the black pond.


This all time favourite took centre stage in part of the lawned area just outside the hotel itself at the convergence of pathways so it got  maximum visibility and photos!


These bronzed pugilists fought it out under the trees on the edge of  the golf course.  


This unique piece leisurely skates across the surface of the pond located just outside the restaurant concourse.