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to the creative world of sculptor, painter & illustrator Stephen Charlton

    When your'e looking for something special, you'll find it here.

    Welcome to my site that incorporates all my creative expressions through sculpture, painting and illustration. There is a lot to see and hopefully, something that with capture your imagination or even your heart.

    Having trained as a designer, I have spread my wings into areas that I would not have dreamed possible over recent years. Showing my work at Chelsea Flower Show and some amazing venues and galleries around the UK, everything here is to create a 'smile inside'. If I can do this, then I'm a happy man.

    Enoy the works and please make contact to discuss any private or public works that take your interest.



  • Award Winning Bronze Animal Sculptures for Gardens and Landscapes

    I'm Stephen Charlton - a multi-award-winning sculptor creating witty and unique bronze animal sculptures for my customers' gardens and landscapes in the UK. Every one of my bronze sculptures are limited edition. When I cast my sculptures, I limit them to only nine – to retain their uniqueness and originality.


    Once the nine pieces have been reached, I break the mould. Speaking with my clients, they appreciate that only a small number are available and this – like most art, becomes scarcer. If you are looking for a one-off bespoke bronze garden sculpture, then this can be arranged at point of consultation, meaning you are owning a truly unique limited-edition piece of art for your garden.


    These magnificent bronze animal sculptures stand proud in their surroundings, stunning to look at and are always a talking point for friends and guests when visiting your outdoor space or garden - igniting memories and their imagination that take them away from our busy, noisy world.
    The opportunity to look into a garden and experience a bronze mouse swinging with glee or a large hare offering his beloved a carrot filled with flowers is not only unusual but also tranquil and satisfying.


    In our initial consultation we will assess the landscape or garden and suggest the best location for your bronze garden sculpture to be situated. Ensuring the surroundings are the best possible to get the maximum enjoyment, and impact from the sculpture of your choice.

    I provide a full package. From the initial consultation, I will sketch the design and, upon approval, will then cast the bronze garden sculpture at the foundry I work with closely. After your bronze garden sculpture is fully complete, I can also offer an installation service, meaning the full project is hassle free, just for you - the customer.




  • Commissioning Sculpture


    How to commission a unique piece of sculpture that you can treasure forever.

    Owning a work of art is such a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. You may have previously purchased sculpture or have been unsuccessful in finding that right piece. If so, why not commission a work directly from a sculptor ?

    Commissioning an artist to produce a work of art can be highly rewarding for both parties. The work is personal and unique, it will be specifically produced for you and your requirements. Each commission will vary slightly in the steps taken from conception through to completion, as each commissioner, artist, situation and circumstance is
    unique. My process is outlined here in six easy stages.

    Firstly, it helps if you know what you might like. I will ask you questions and explore creative avenues but it helps to have something in mind and if that includes a location within your garden this helps too.
    From initial contact, I will advise you on ideas and provide sketches and a small scale model (maquette) if required. Discussions cover size, scale and placement together with timescales and budgets.

    Most bronze castings are produced to a limited edition of 9, after that the mould is destroyed guaranteeing you a very special piece indeed! If you want a one-off piece, this can be arranged.
    You have every opportunity to see the work in progress including the casting at the bronze foundry, it’s always a fascinating and rewarding process that adds to your commissioning experience. You can also be there at the installation or wait and create
    your own unveiling or maybe as a surprise for a partner. This whole process is about partnership and creativity, you choose your involvement to suit you and will lead to a special and memorable occasion - as it should be.



    The first step is to be clear in what you want to achieve. Whether it be a central garden sculpture or an interior design piece.

    Based on your initial thoughts, I will meet with you and explore new ways to exceed your expectations.

    Finding the right location for your new arrival is crucial to your experience and enjoyment of it. The space around the sculpture is as important as the piece itself.

    4 SCALE
    Depending on location, the scale of the piece can be sized accordingly based on the proportions of the small model (maquette) produced.
    From the original sculpture, silicone moulds are made and the ‘lost wax casting process’ is used. A colour (patina) is applied to suit the piece and agreed with you, the customer.

    The delivery and installation is all taken care of to ensure the safety and permanence
    of the piece. And of course, your satisfaction!

     If you would like to start a conversation, call +44 (0) 7940 916759 



    This mutually enjoyable process starts with a conversation, prereably face to face. My role is to establish how I can realise your intention and through questioning we can establish a direction and solution. Each customer requires different things in a painting and that's when we can establish the things that are important to you. I alwys provide sketch drawings to confirm that my approach delivers on the expectation, eliminating confusion or time. I will provide framing recommendations and placement of the final piece if required.

    If you would like to start a conversation, call +44 (0) 7940 916759