Painting is Stephen’s visual language. His thoughts, feelings and experiences are captured in essence through a deliberate release of light from a single metal plate. This contemporary work has a Turnerian influence within the atmosphere and tonal values - etching the image onto the plate and our minds.

“I’ve always been drawn to earthy colours and textures within the natural environment, especially in Autumn when there’s such a profusion of browns, russets and ochres. On my country walks I collect pine cones, conkers, bark and bracken - all having a tactile quality that I feel connected to. It is through this connection that drives me to create evocative images that embody light, drama and energy.”

Working on aluminium plate allows Stephen to truly interact with its surface and play with its inherent reflective properties - allowing a sheen to whisper through or deep emotive marks that shout energy.
Using a single colour paint is both a discipline and a freedom, allowing him to push his boundaries of what is possible whilst being restricted to a monochromatic palette.

His subject matter can vary depending on his mood or something he has experienced with the desire to communicate through this fluid medium.

“I love it when others see what I have not seen in my paintings, their interpretation is what really counts and I feel that the viewer has to contribute something to make the picture complete. This then becomes their picture, one that they see in their own way, driven by feelings and not necessarily through thought alone.”

Stephen’s ability to apply his energy and passion to create such powerful images is testament to his confidence - visible through the way he paints generously and without hesitation.