National Trust: Charlecote Park, Warwickshire


“We knew that Stephen's amazing quirky sculptures would bring value and a fresh customer experience to Charlcote Park.”


Tim Harris  I Head Gardener

Overlooking the river Avon on the edge of Shakespeare’s Stratford, Charlecote Park has been part of this corner of rural Warwickshire for centuries.

I used to live just a stones-throw away from Charlcote and visited many times and became an artist in residence showing my sculpture the the visiting public.

The grounds team were amazing in their support and physical help when it came to the installation of nine individual pieces.

Because the Charlcote estate was open to roaming deer and sheep, it was critical that most, if not all of the sculptures remained out of reach so there were no accidents or damage. Having a ha-ha certainly helped me place some pieces safely as the sheep could not access certain areas. 

After three years, the mouse that swung under the monumental Cedar tree was finally removed to another tree far, far away.

I devised a sculpture trail and competition for younger visitors and their families to follow and chart as they completed the trail. Each month I presented one young lucky participant with an original drawing of one the pieces.

I think this was one of my most rewarding exhibitions to date, for its connection to the public and the enjoyment of seeing children participating in outdoor activities in all weathers!

These are the pieces I exhibited at Charlcote Park:

•  Mouse on a Swing

•  Fawn

•  Hoola Hare

•  Running Hare 

•  Swinging Mouse

•  Diving Mouse

•  Ballerina

•  Skating Mouse

•  Mouse on a bench

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Installation Views