Mother Earth: One Earth Shared


“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see a polar bear except in a picture book?”

Sir David Attenborough

Mother Earth is a project that started from my observations of animal life and their decline in numbers and natural habitat around the world.

As a response, my sculpture of a mother polar bear standing on tiptoe on the last piece of ice is a powerful scenario that could become reality in our near future. The bear cub clings desperately on for its life to its mother's back - this next generation could potentially be the last, with extinction looming on a watery horizon.

This emotive and poignant sculpture, epitomises not only the plight of the polar bear but of all life on our planet.

How we behave today has a significant and direct impact on future generations of animal life. I hope that somehow I can help bring awareness and insight to those who make decisions that contribute to the health and sustainability of our planet.